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Welcome to Lorraine Thompson Psychotherapy.


I work with adults and children to overcome any issue causing distress.

I also specialise in working with educational staff, students and parents.


With over 25 years in education and a registered psychotherapist,

I am fully equipped to guide you through challenging times.


For optimum health and clear thinking please...

         I want to...

Human givens Excels in Lifting Problems


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Psychotherapist for ALL!
  Specialism in Education

Who I Help

Teachers, Headteachers & Staff


When someone’s daily life becomes heavy with personal difficulty, and they often cannot find a way through it themselves, they can suffer from distressing feelings of insecurity and loss of control.

Children &

Children and teenagers should not need to face issues alone. Quite often, these can be resolved quickly and strategies can be taught at a young age preventing further issues during adulthood.


Every relationship has its ups and downs, but sometimes these become too difficult for a couple to manage on their own.


Dealing with educational matters, whether you are a  parent, staff or student, schools, colleges and homes become  very busy places.

“Change the way we think about things,
the things we think about change.”

I am happy to carry out face-to-face therapy sessions in my very relaxing therapy room, offering the perfect environment for

positive change.


I can also provide visits to homes or walk-and talk therapy, whichever suits you on the day.


If you are not within travelling distance to Norfolk, I offer video calls.


School Hallway

"After my session I felt both highly motivated and very relaxed. It was helpful to look at my problem as a potential opportunity and in visualising new strategies to work through. I felt able to tackle new challenges and to put things in perspective that I had before struggled to do."


- Female Primary Teacher

Reviewing Essay

'I visited Lorraine on two occasions. One concerning confidence and low self-esteem, and the other was to do with a phobia issue from childhood. On both occasions, I found Lorraine's calm and positive approach really helpful. I thoroughly recommend Lorraine's style of therapy and would like to thank her again for her help."

- Male Driving Instructor

"We visited Lorraine to see if she could help with my daughter’s anxiety issues. My daughter was very clever at hiding this from the teachers so it didn’t appear to be a problem at school but more at home. After completing the emotional needs audit and a few questions, it appeared to be quite obvious what the real problem was and I don’t think we would have been able to work this out by ourselves."

- Mother of Year 5 Pupil


“After having 2 sessions with Lorraine I just couldn’t believe how much insight I gained on managing the challenges of life and how we can use our own resources to help us recognise and help us meet our needs. I have now introduced this approach to my nursery and noticed how impowered and confident the children are becoming.” 

- Female Nursery Teacher

Teacher and Student
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